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Price Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer - Model JP109 - 5 Yr. Warranty

Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer - Model JP109 - 5 Yr. Warranty


Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer - Model JP109 - 5 Yr. Warranty
From Jupiter

Product Description

With great value, superior reliability, new Biostone filter and fully automated features, the Jupiter Orion has the latest improvements making this water ionizer the most powerful and advanced water ionizer available from Jupiter Science to date.The Orion's precise technology ensures maximum performance producing alkaline or acidic water of 9 different pH levels. With advance platinum titanium electrodes, the super fine mesh increases the surface area for optimum pH and ORP (Oxygen Reduced Potential).The Orion is not your ordinary water ionizer. With new patented SOL valve and triple diaphragms, the Orion is able to adjust the water flow automatically ensuring that you have a consistent and correct pH level even if there is a change in your input water pressure or flow rate. The Orion also includes the patented DARC (double action reverse cleaning) system. This feature completely removes any scale from the electronic cell to make sure your ionizer stays in top working condition.The Orion has included a number of new features to give you the healthiest water with simplicity. With easy one-touch operation, select from the 9 pH settings and a voice indicator alerts you to your selection. You can also adjust the volume level or simply switch the sound ON or OFF as you desire. To eliminate the guess work you no longer have to remember when your water filter was last changed. The Orion has a digital indicator to tell when you when you need to change your water filter as optimum performance is achieved when the water filter is changed on time. The Orion also has an attractive colored LCD display that easily identifies your selections and has easy to understand symbols and colors identifying the water type and level that you have selected.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #749873 in Home
  • Brand: Jupiter
  • Model: JP109


  • 9 pH settings with easy one-touch operation and adjustable volume, On/Off indicator to alert you of your pH level.
  • Includes .01M Biostone Filter and 9 Step single-body water filter for healthier, cleaner water.
  • Top performing Platinum Titanium electrodes and patented double action reverse cleaning system.
  • New patented SOL valves and triple diaphragms to automatically adjust water flow for consistent pH levels.
  • New 5 Year Warranty
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